Too often reduced to its most extreme side (bodybuilding), muscle building implies a negative connotation for many of us. essential physical activity for those who wish to follow a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The benefits of muscle building are multiple.

Practiced indoors or at home , it allows, among other things, to refine the silhouette, to lose fat mass, to strengthen the joints or, quite simply, to maintain good health in the long term.

Muscle strengthening, also commonly called weight training, is a physical practice open to all, which consists of training the muscles to sculpt and tone your body, gain mobility and improve your general posture.

Contrary to what we would tend to believe, bodybuilding is therefore not only an activity reserved for athletes of ha ut level as part of their preparation for competition.

Adapting to the needs of each individual, muscle strengthening can therefore be general (if the objective is to obtain a more harmonious, functional and toned body as a whole) or targeted (if you want to strengthen specific muscles and joints, such as the knee, after an intervention for example).

For this, strength training includes many exercises, such as free loads (weights, dumbbells, weight bars), functional movements (squats, push-ups, pull-ups, etc.), but also sheathing or high intensity exercises, which only use the weight of the body.

Like any other physical activity, weight training requires consistency, patience, and regularity for medium to long-term results.

In addition to that, it involves a good knowledge of techniques and exercises, in order to avoid injuries.

Recover muscle and tone There are advantages to having your body with me. First of all, I will be by your side to motivate you and push you to constantly surpass yourself, especially on days when getting up to go to the gym can be like a Stations of the Cross.
< br> In addition, I will develop for you a sports and food program entirely personalized according to your current situation and your objectives. the safe and precise performance of each exercise, so as to prevent any risk of injury.

The benefits of muscle building
Besides its undeniable aesthetic dimension, weight training also has many benefits for muscle function, but also health and general well-being.

Difficult, therefore, to reduce it solely to a simple gain of muscle mass, as the consequences for the body are positive. < br>

Strengthen bones and ar ticulations
Whether general or targeted, weight training can slow the process of muscle atrophy, but also prevent the onset of other age-related conditions, such as osteoporosis, by strengthening the structure bone and joint of the body.

It therefore helps you to maintain all your mobility as long as possible.

Improve general posture and reduce risks injury
Since it strengthens the bones and joints, bodybuilding therefore has prophylactic virtues.

In other words, it drastically reduces muscle pain associated with poor posture on a daily basis (especially during level of the cervical and dorsal area) and to prevent injuries (knee, elbow, wrists, etc.).

At the same time, weight training, by strengthening the back muscles and the abdominal belt, helps improve general posture and muscle coordination.

Strengthening m muscular for a loss of fat mass

Combined with a healthy and adapted diet, strength training (mainly resistance exercises, which consist of a light load with a lot of repetitions) is ideal for refining the silhouette While toning up and improving their functional and respiratory capacities.

All this helps you, both in your sport

(Running, walking, cycling, etc.) and in your everyday life. In addition, muscle building also promotes fat loss, as muscles, even at rest, burn more calories for nourishment and regeneration.