Personalized diet plan

Whether you want to lose weight, gain mass or simply have a healthier diet, food rebalancing allows you to reconnect with your plate by being more aware and active in what you eat.

Who is the right person to use nutritional rebalancing?

As its name indicates, food rebalancing is aimed at people who do not have a balanced diet and wish to change their eating habits. It can be for people who have been on a diet for years and have lost the simple pleasure of a healthy diet.

My years of experience have convinced me that diets are not the best solution to lose weight.

Often drastic, they are difficult to maintain over time, frequently cause the famous yo-yo effect (rebound effect) and also present a risk of social isolation due to their restrictive aspect.

It can also concern people who have changed their diet in connection with the ups and downs of their personal lives.

Entry into student life, first job, moving, birth...

In all of these cases, rebalancing your diet allows you to regain control of your diet in order to lose weight permanently or simply to eat better while enjoying yourself.

Simple rules to regain balance.

Food rebalancing follows simple rules that everyone can adapt to their daily routine.

To get better results, I offer you a customized program adapted to your needs.
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